28/10/2021 | Artur Costa Pazo
Presentation Attack Detection on face recognition systems in mobile devices
Advisors: José Luis Alba Castro, Esteban Vázquez Fernández

13/05/2021 | Hicham Klaina
Radio frequency propagation, characterization and measurements for antenna sensor networks with applications in smart farming
Advisors: Ana Vázquez Alejos; Otman Aghzout
Cum Laude International Mention

27/04/2021 | Javier Bernardo Cabrera Mejía
M2M comunication in smart grids
Advisors: Manuel Fernández Veiga
Cum Laude

05/04/2021 | Abdullah Daif
Contributions to semantics-based recommendations and visualization technologies to develop and curate cultural heritage experiences
Advisors: Martín Llamas Nistal, Martín López Nores

05/02/2021 | Silvia García Méndez
Contribution to Natural Language Generation for Spanish
Advisors: Enrique Costa Montenegro; Milagros Fernández Gavilanes
Cum Laude International Mention

10/12/2020 | Mina Namaziesfanjani
Secure signal processing for genomic privacy protection
Advisors: Fernando Pérez González; Ayday Erman

23/09/2020 | Ghofrane El Haj Ahmed
Contribution to architectures for edge computing acceleration with general purpose devices
Advisors: Felipe Jose Gil Castiñeira, Enrique Costa Montenegro

16/09/2020 | David Santos Domínguez
Underwater noise mapping methodologies for shallow waters
Advisors: María Soledad Torres Guijarro

24/01/2020 | Maria Isabel De Castro Lopes Martins Pinto Ferreira
Contributions to the segmentation of moving objects in video sequences
Advisors: José Luis Alba Castro, Luis Côrte-Real
Cum Laude

29/11/2019 | María del Rocío Moure Fernández
Advancing the extraction and robustness of admittance behavioural models for use in CAD design of nonlinear microwave circuits
Advisors: Mónica Fernández Barciela; Paul Juan Tasker
Cum Laude International Mention

22/07/2019 | Roberto Agustín García Vélez
Contributions to knowledge management in the field of higher education through Artificial Intelligence techniques
Advisors: José Juan Pazos Arias; Martín López Nores
Cum Laude

20/06/2019 | Sheila Lucero Sánchez López
Application of Learning Analytics techniques on blended learning environments for university students
Advisors: Rebeca Pilar Díaz Redondo; Ana Fernández Vilas
Cum Laude

28/05/2019 | Ahmed Dahroug
Contribution to the use of Semantic Web technologies to promote reflection and situational curiosity in Cultural Heritage experiences
Advisors: José Juan Pazos Arias; Martín López Nores
Cum Laude

23/05/2019 | María del Carmen Magariños Iglesias
Voice personalization and speaker de-identification in speech processing systems
Advisors: Eduardo Rodríguez Banga, Daniel Erro Eslava
Cum Laude International Mention

23/04/2019 | Mariem Hmila
Interference management in device-to-devide multicast communication in 5G Network
Advisors: Manuel Fernández Veiga; Miguel Rodríguez Pérez
Cum Laude

12/04/2019 | Francisco de Arriba Pérez
Knowledge extraction from usage data of mobile devices with educational purposes
Advisors: Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez; Juan Manuel Santos Gago
Cum Laude

04/04/2019 | Sonia María Valladares Rodríguez
Early detection of cognitive impairment through gamification, machine learning tecniques and ict tools
Advisors: Luis Anido Rifón, José Manuel Fernández Iglesias
Cum Laude

20/12/2018 | José Victor Saiáns Vázquez
Contribution to the mechanisms of virtualization and routing in applications of mobile and vehicular ad-hoc networks
Advisors: Martín López Nores, Yolanda Blanco Fernández
Cum Laude

07/06/2018 | Esteban Fernando Ordóñez Morales
Sporadic cloud-based mobile computing mechanisms to deploy and support services in ad-hoc vehicular networks
Advisors: Yolanda Blanco Fernández, Martín López Nores
Cum Laude

19/01/2018 | Hector Rieiro Tomé
Study of temporal vision and brain blood flow regulation
Advisors: Stephen L. Macknik, José Luis Alba Castro
Cum Laude

10/01/2018 | Marcos Antonio Mouriño García
Multilingual document classification using machine learning and Wikipedia
Advisors: Luis Eulogio Anido Rifon, Roberto Pérez Rodríguez
Cum Laude Extraordinary Award